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  • Dr. Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah is very good,humble& Friendly Doctor. A Year back my Mother was Diagnosed with Stage-3 Colorectal Cancer. Doctor Explained in detail about the procedure to be followed. Doctor patiently answered each & every question put across from our family regarding pre & post opera...

    ~ Rashmi Patil ~

  • I approached Dr.Shima with severe stomach bloating, difficulty passing stool and gas. Dr diagnosed it Anal stenosis caused by previous Laser Anal fistula surgery done by Inexperienced Pristine care doctor.

    Dr.Shima took an hour explaining anatomy and treatment options. Took MRI the s...

    ~ Venkatesan M ~

  • I would like to share our feedback about Dr. Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah.

    My wife was suffering from Complex fistula and fissure, she had unsuccessful surgeryin past. We were so confused on whom to trust.

    When we visited Dr. Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah for the first time h...

    ~ H. Desai ~

  • Few months back my father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, we first consulted a different doctor who gave us very poor prognosis and told us that chemo is our only treatment option and even that has very low chance of improving the prognosis, we even had our first round of chemo.


    ~ Praeeesh R ~

  • Dr Narasimhaiah is a competent doctor and a wonderful human being. I am a complicated case with several allied problems and feel safe and secure after consulting him. He diagnosed my condition accurately; several other doctors had failed to do so. Always helpful, he put me at ease and gave me a p...

    ~ Sou6 Gopakumar ~

  • Dr.Narasimaiah Sir, Aka (Friend/ A family Member/ professional/ Anytime available for his patients)

    The word tumor will kill you much than the disease in you. But Doc, you have given us a clear picture about the tumor and how it can be operated and next steps from day one. with your p...

    ~ Samba Shiva P ~

  • Hi,
    I would thank Dr.Narasimhaia for his total involvement with the patient namely Prasanna H.L. As the patient was suffering from colonrectal cancer. His wide experience ,friendly appearance, positivity with the patient and also with the family members has helped us in many ways. Our f...

    ~ Prasanna H.L ~

  • Dr.Narasimhaiah is a true miracle that happened during my hopeless times. I was diagnosed with crohns disease. He explained the condition well and I was treated.
    I have consulted so many docs before meeting him. All just tried to confuse us more but he was the ray of light during such tough ...

    ~ Geethanjali R ~

  • I first visited Dr. Narasimahaiah (Simha) for anorectal treatment in 2019.

    Dr. Narasimahaiah listened to my condition patiently, answered all my queries, and didn't ask for any tests, which seemed unnecessary.

    Dr. Narasimahaiah explained to me very clearly the cause, cu...

    ~ Adarsh(Hitesh) H ~

  • Dr.Narasimaiah, A beacon!

    Hope during a health crisis is like a prayer being answered. Ours was answered with a smiling face, compassionate heart and a rock steady pair of hands named Dr.Simha. True to his name the sheer magnitude of compassion he emotes to the ones in need , his pati...

    ~ Preeti Chandran ~

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