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My dear friend and colleague Mr. James Kinross has penned his thoughts in this new piece of work.

Have we found the gold dust in the Human poo ?

Birds of the same feathers flock together & think alike...Thank you James for this phenomenal piece of work. We are working on the same, on this side of the waters in Bangalore !

Bangalore Specialty Care

Dear Patrons, friends, colleagues - your support is truly appreciated and we are expanding. Kindly consider this as a personal invite.

Dear Patrons,
It is milestone in the management of Ostomy that a center of Clinical excellence is opened at Bangalore Bowel Care. Supported by Coloplast it will be a one stop clinic for all Ostomy needs.

  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre
  • BBC & Coloplast stoma centre

Spreading Colorectal Cancer Awareness

MARCH : Folks - Let's March in the month of MARCH. Spreading Colorectal cancer awareness.

Gut n' Butt health : Let stop shying away from talking about it.

Creating awareness on Colorectal cancers @ HSR Doctors association.

9th March 2022, HSR Club, HSR layout, Bangalore.

Truly had a exceptional academia and gastronomic feast.

Thank you members of the HSR doctors association and Apollo family for facilitating the same.

  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer

Touch and Technology touching lives : Part of the pan India Apollo Robotic colorectal programme.

A successful live Robotic surgical workshop was held @ Apollo hospitals, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

City : Bangalore
Date : 08th Jan 2022
Cases : 2 Rectal cancers - A middle third and a lower third

Streamed across Pan India and some parts of Africa - It was a humbling experience.

Grateful to Dr Venky Munikrishnan, Dinesh Madhavan, Davison Pk and of course of dear founders for facilitating this.

Indebted to the greater Apollo family for bringing world class care closer home.

GUT Microbiome, Faecal transplants and Mental health

Health and Wellness in COVID times: A challenge for the Millennials.

Harder is the softer word for all the pains and sufferings had in the last 18 months of COVID Crisis.

COVID has only complicated the increase in Non-communicable and mental illnesses. The impact is palpable in the physical, physiological and psycho-social health of the individuals.

With an intent of creating awareness and softening the blow – A virtual interaction was undertaken with the students of the LOYOLA degree college in Bangalore in association with National Service Scheme The event was attended by well over 60 members.

Date: 13th July 16.30 hrs.

Grateful to Loyola Institutions and the NSS for the initiative.

Click here to know more.

Colorectal Cancers are a cause for concern

Colorectal Cancers are a cause for concern

Nutrition is vital in cancer care. Peri-operative nutrition and fluid management holds the key to speedy recovery.

Pre-habilitation is the practice of enhancing a patient's functional capacity before surgery, with the aim of improving postoperative outcomes.

It was my privilege to share my thoughts on the IDACON 2020 - 21 forum.

Date: 06th Jan 2021

Topic: Role of pre-optimization and peri-operative fluid balance in colorectal surgery.

Decision making in Surgery and Cancer care are challenging. Medical laws and ethics only make them a complex cognitive process.

In pursuit of knowledge acquisition on decision making to help our patients get the best care.

Feeling accomplished: Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Law & Ethics (PGDMLE).

The diploma personally autographed by the honourable chief justice of India and the Chancellor.


Indebted to Prof. John Monson & Prof. Phil Drew, who were instrumental in my work on Decision making in Surgery & Cancer Care.

Brand identity design Stationary Look & Feel Moodboard

An Online Scientific Activity of GEMAS

An Online Scientific Activity of GEMAS

Health : Is a state of balance between physical, mental and psycho-social well-being. Gut health is very vital to one’s health.

Let us start talking about it.

Join me on TV 9 for more on Colo-Rectal health!
18th October 13.30 hrs IST

Is a state of balance between  physical, mental and psycho-social well-being

Dr. Simha will share his practical insights in the upcoming seminar on "Nature, Nurture and Mind" to be held on Thursday, 15th October at 6.30pm on the Cisco Webex online platform. All are welcome to join!

Robotic Surgical System Robotic Surgical System

 Health - Nature and Nurture
Change is the only constant goes the say !
Digital talks have starting to become a norm.
A fulfilling digital experience - having shared my thoughts!
Title : Health - Nature and Nurture
Date : 11th Sept 2020
Target audience : Senior citizen’s association, JP Nagar,

Gulf States Record High Incidence of Colorectal Cancer (CRC) in People Under 40 Years of Age

Robotic Surgical System

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Dr Narasimhaiah on Robotics

Proud to present our “Monalisa" - Intuitive DA-VINCI XI Robotic Surgical System. She has successfully completed a year now @ Apollo hospitals, Bangalore.

Robotic Surgical System

9th January 2019

Sangitha reddy inauguration of colorectal department

24th February 2019

Cancer Awareness Drive (CAD 10000)

An ongoing cancer awareness journey @ Atlas systems, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore. Held on the 22nd Feb 2019 as a part of our CAD 10000 drive.

Cancer Awareness DriveCancer Awareness Drive2

12th July 2019

CME Invite

CME InviteCME Invite1CME Invite2


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