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Praeeesh R's Story

Praeeesh R's Story

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    Few months back my father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, we first consulted a different doctor who gave us very poor prognosis and told us that chemo is our only treatment option and even that has very low chance of improving the prognosis, we even had our first round of chemo.

    Later we got to know about Dr.Narasimhaiah through a family friend, he first asked us a lot of questions to understand the complete issue and later explained to us what the issue was, what it does and what we can do next.

    Sir spoke to the hospital's tumor board to understand what would be the right step, he also consulted various doctors from different hospital to understand what they would do in this situation. After consulting almost 5-6 doctors from different hospitals and talking to tumor board he suggested us to go for Targetted therapy instead of traditional chemo because this has fewer side effects and is more effective. We are currently under treatment.

    We have consulted multiple doctors but my father always asks to talk to Dr Narasimhaiah because (out of all the docotrs we consulted) he's the most considerate and his reassuring words are very helpful.
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