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Traditional abdominal surgery involves a large cut in the abdomen (tummy). Laparoscopic colorectal surgery (or keyhole surgery) involves a number of smaller cuts in the abdominal wall. In principle, the same operation is being performed in open or laparoscopic abdominal (keyhole) surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery causes significantly less pain after the operation from the wound. It also means that you stay in hospital a shorter time (a matter of days) and can return to normal activities in a few weeks.

We are minimally invasive surgeons in addition to open and exenterative surgeries we undertake. We are trained in Laparoscopic, SILS (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery) and Robotic surgeries.

Surgeries undertaken include Open Colonic CME, Anterior resections, Rectal TME, APER, Laparoscopic, SILS & robotic resections. In addition Trans anal TME, TEMS and trans-anal excisions are undertaken.

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